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Manual handling regulations may differ in many locations, but the underlying principal remains constant for all industrial employers - to ensure the workforce uses correct manual handling techniques for any task. At Wavetools & Technologies we specialise in the manufacture and after sales support of manual handling lifting equipment designed to comply with international guidelines covering a wide variety of manual handling tasks. Along with our core product range of vacuum tube lifters, industrial manipulators, air balancers, hoists and pneumatic lifters, at Wavetools & Technologies we have the capability to offer custom lifting solutions using SolidWorks design. Our 3D engineering principles help clients meet their exact process and payload handling requirements and satisfy current health and safety legislation.

Wavetools & Technologies comprehensive range of industrial lifting equipment has been developed to meet your manual handling process needs. From simple vertical load lifting for example a vacuum sack lifter to customized manipulations of lift, turn or rotate the payload.

In addition,Wavetools & Technologies systems are designed to handle a diverse range of industrial payloads including boxes, sacks, panels, boards, drums, reels, rolls and pallets.

Wavetools & Technologies has built up a strong client base, which is constantly growing with major global food corporations to small single unit woodworking operations. Today, Wavetools & Technologies vacuum tube lifters and pneumatic manipulators are making safer manual handling a reality within many different industry sectors including automotive, woodworking, food, logistics, packaging and electronics to name but a few.

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